9 Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Stories That Will Motivate You

August 22, 2022

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Written by Diana Licalzi, MS, RD, CDE

You have type 2 diabetes----maybe you’ve had it for a long time; maybe you take a lot of high-priced medicines; maybe you are frustrated from having tried many diets without results; or maybe you feel stress and anxiety from knowing the long-term harm this illness causes.

Below are the stories of nine individuals who reversed type 2 diabetes. No one is a professional athlete, a rocket scientist, or a concert musician. They are folks who are likely to be living next door. Mother Nature provides the tools-----plant-based foods-----to reverse type 2 diabetes, let Alma, Jyotsna, Louis, and the others provide you with the inspiration.


1. She's Here to Stay

Alma faced two problems: (1) she felt sluggish and sleepy, and craved all the foods----meat, cheese oily, and processed foods---that kept her feeling that way; (2) she had an A1C level of 7%, which exceeded the threshold required to renew her immigration visa. She signed up for the Reversing Type 2 diabetes program and adopted the recommended plant-based food diet. Within 3 months, she lost 26 lbs, lowered he A1C to 5.9%, and is enjoying a vitality that had eluded her for years. And . . . her visa was approved!


Weekly Meal Plans for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


2. Bye-Bye Diabetes Meds

Jyotsna has dealt with chronic type 2 diabetes for 20 years. For the last 5 years, she was placed on a daily regimen of 25 units of insulin and 2000mg of metformin. She joined the Reversing T2D 10-Week Program and didn’t have to wait long for results. In just one month, her doctor reduced the insulin medicine to 6 units per day and cut the metformin dosage in half. She felt more energetic, but equally important, her mental outlook improved. Gone was the worry and anxiety that she felt from believing she had a lifelong affliction. Her doctor believes that she could dispense with all medication in the coming months.


3. A Long Time Coming

Louis also suffered from chronic type 2 diabetes----in his case for the last 30 years. He learned of the Reversing T2D Program and concluded that there was nothing to lose by trying it. By the end of the program, he dropped 15 lbs and brought his A1C to 5.7%. He had found something special. His doctor cut his oral medication in half and eliminated insulin altogether. With the extra energy he is feeling, Louis increased the frequency of his exercise workouts.


4. Finally, a Peace of Mind

Nadine was mentally unprepared when first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her elevated glucose level of 162 mg/dL frightened her; she felt confused and was unsure what to do next. Good fortune led her to the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes program and her life changed. She found structure, guidance, knowledge and support, gained a renewed sense of purpose, and within 5 weeks her glucose level plummeted to 90mg/dL. By the end of the program, she had dropped 35 lbs of body weight. When it comes to recommending Reversing T2D, Nadine sounds like a Nike commercial, urging diabetes sufferers to “just do it”.


Joining The Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Program Was the Best Decision I Could Have Made


5. Diabetes in the Rear View Mirror

Angie proudly notes that she is no longer diabetic----she reversed it, conquered it, made it a thing in her past, giving full credit to the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes program. Not only did she follow the program, reduce her A1C from 8.1% to 5.3%, but she learned, for the first time, the underlying causes of diabetes. This understanding allows her to make better food choices in the future.


Angie before and after reversing type 2 diabetes


6. A Diabetes Miracle

Kristen was literally losing her hair over not knowing what to do about her diabetic condition---Paleo, Keto, she seemed to have tried them all. Not willing to throw in the towel, she signed up for the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Program, and good things-----remarkably good things----began to happen. After just a few weeks, Kristen’s glucose levels dove from somewhere in the 300’s to the 80’s and 90’s, her A1C dropped from 10.8% to 5.5%, and her triglycerides plunged from 324 to 65. And she shed 25 lbs in the process. Her doctor looked at the new test results in disbelief. And now Kristen is, literally, no longer losing her hair about what to do about diabetes.



7. Taking Charge

Kelly, like so many others, is as pleased with the knowledge she has acquired from the Reversing T2D Program as she is with the improvements in her health. She dropped 16 lbs, improved her energy level, consistently achieves blood glucose levels at normal levels, and is expecting her doctor to withdraw her metformin medication. But she is equally excited about having learned how to build her own meal plans and having the know-how to modify some of her favorite recipes to make them healthier.


8. Exploding a Diabetes Myth

Nisreen never realized that Type 2 diabetes could be reversed. She has a family history of ttype 2 diabetes, afflicting both her mother and her father. Her family understood that diabetes was a lifelong illness that one could only control, not reverse. Insulin injection was the method of control which both her parents did. So when Nisreen was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she resigned herself to the prospect of dealing with insulin for the rest of her life, and she, too, began using insulin. Curious about the Reversing T2D claim that diabetes could be reversed, she investigated the program further. She was intrigued by what she read. She found that the program was backed by scientific evidence, and included educational material for the user. Nisreen signed on to the program, brought her glucose level below 100, and successfully rid herself of diabetes, shattering the myth of irreversibility that had for so long plagued her family.


9. The Value of a Diabetes Community

Joe was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His glucose level was 300 mg/dL, his A1C was at 13.2%, and his doctor had him on medication. Wishing to change all that, Joe began researching and came upon the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Program. Attracting him were the science behind the program, the easy-to-prepare meal plans, and the community platform that provided support and motivation. In a couple of months, Joe shed 25 lbs, achieved a fasting glucose level below 100 mg/dl on a consistent basis, and dropped his A1C by 5 percentage points.


The Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Course Works


Closing Remarks

There you have it----the stories of nine people who have dramatically improved their health by following the Reversing T2D 10-Week Program. We highlighted these nine, but make no mistake, there are hundreds of others like them who have taken and benefitted from the program.

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  1. Reading the stories of these 9 people was truly inspirational! Six member of my husband’s family have Type 2 Diabetes; It’s nice to know there’s such great community support out there for those suffering from this disease. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Diana Licalzi says:

      We are so happy you found it inspirational!! Many of my family members have or have had type 2 diabetes too and that’s why I decided to pursue a career in diabetes— to educate and empower people to take control over this awful illness. So glad that you have found our community :).

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks very much for the information you sharing with us will try everything to get out of medication

  3. Sheethal says:

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