We help people with pre- & type 2 diabetes gain confidence in their food choices so they can achieve healthy glucose levels & reduce their need for medications.
 We’ll show you how.

Helping you learn what to eat to reverse pre- and type 2 diabetes.

Our personalized treatment model helps you implement lifestyle changes to achieve lower blood sugar, an ideal weight, and eliminate your need for medications quickly and safely.

Our approach reverseS the root cause of type 2 diabetes using evidence-based nutrition.

Type 2 diabetes reversal is possible.

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We’re Diana and Jose, your type 2 diabetes expert coaches! Diana is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and has a Master’s in Nutrition Science. Jose is an Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science and a certified plant-based health coach. 

Through our extensive research and experience working with patients with diabetes in both clinical and outpatient settings, we developed an effective type 2 diabetes treatment program that really works!

Our approach has successfully helped individuals reduce their A1c and fasting blood sugar, lower their need for medications, and gain a deep understanding about health and nutrition.

We can’t wait to help you become a success story too and rid yourself of type 2 diabetes once and for all!

Registered Dietitian · certified diabetes educator  Exercise physiologist

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Overcome prediabetes or type 2 diabetes in as little as 10 weeks with the Reversing T2D Program.

The Reversing T2D 10-Week Program

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 My HbA1c results came back at 5.3% from an 8.1% and I had to share with everyone!!. By the time I completed 10 weeks of the program, I truly had an understanding of the underlying cause of diabetes and I lost a total of 21 pounds. I can proudly attest that Reversing T2D has guided and provided me with a better quality of life. I can’t stop thanking and feeling appreciative towards Diana and Jose." - Angie O.


Today marks the day that I am no longer considered a diabetic with full credit to Reversing T2D!

"Ok, so I’ve been following the program to the T and can honestly say, WOW! My numbers are dropping and my body is going through a change that I can’t really explain other than I feel better, less to no more sugar spikes. My morning readings were a steady 198mg/dL for as long as I can remember and now, Tuesday’s reading was 152mg/dL and this morning it read at 123mg/dL. My A1c went from 10.2% to 7.8% so it’s working!" - Jimmy P.


My numbers are dropping and my body is going through a change that I can’t really explain other than I feel better!

Insulin resistance is the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes. We explain how insulin typically functions in the body and how this process can be interrupted, leading to type 2 diabetes.

Why Insulin Resistance Leads to Type 2 Diabetes

It can be frustrating when you're taking all the right steps to manage pre- or type 2 diabetes and still experience blood sugar spikes. We outline why this may happen and how to prevent it.

How to Manage Blood Sugar Spikes

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