"The manner in which Diana and Jose educate with those wonderful smiles and enthusiasm is inspiring. They've simplified the complicated and have a great plan in place to heal those with type 2 diabetes." -Bakul P

We’re Diana and Jose, your type 2 diabetes expert coaches! Diana is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and has a Master’s in Nutrition Science. Jose is an Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science.

Diana is a registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator, she also holds a master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Policy from Tufts University. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Diana has always been very dedicated to helping the Hispanic community meet their nutrition and health goals. She decided to specialize in diabetes after seeing many of my family members struggle with the chronic illness. She spent over five years working with patients with diabetes in clinical and private practice settings before joining forces with Jose.  She combines evidence-based, medical nutrition therapy with a personalized holistic approach to help people combat diabetes while also developing a healthy relationship with food.  

She also has experience working as a Dietitian at Boston Medical Center, InsideTracker, and UC San Diego Health.

meet  Diana

Registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.

Jose is a plant-based certified health coach and exercise physiologist. He holds his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from University of Maryland.

After college, Jose gained experience working with physicians and scientists who used plant-based nutrition to help heal chronic illnesses, especially diabetes. 

His coaching encompasses plant-based nutrition guidelines, exercise routines, and mindset modifications to conquer type 2 diabetes in a natural way. 

meet  Jose

Exercise physiologist and certified plant-based health coach

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